Caution: this post contains electric guitars

It’s good to go outside our comfort zones, right??

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: I like liturgy. I like pipe organs, hymns, and candles. Extra points for incense.

This Sunday I went to a church that, in the morning, likely boasts all of these. At its 6pm service, there are electric guitars.

So I’m a skeptic. I’m skeptical that I can personally find God in the midst of a rock concert. I’m skeptical that I can find community in a massive congregation whose age range likely does not reach outside 20-35 years of age. I’m skeptical that my faith can grow in an environment where my fingernails are biting into my palms through drum solos.

But church, I suppose, is not about me. And if it’s about my skepticism in any way, it is only to address my doubt and shatter my preconceived notions.


The sermon was, fittingly, about rebuke. More on that another time.  But in short: the electric guitars were a gentle reminder that God can find me anywhere, if I’ll let him, and that what suits my worship preferences most does not matter in the context of a congregation and its ability to come together with God in a sacred space.

I’ll probably go back. I’ll likely not, regardless of the worship leader’s encouragement, clap along with the music. But if I allow myself – if I swallow my preferences and tight demands – I’m fairly certain I’ll meet God there. 


What do you think, eh?

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