morning people.

If the point of church is community, then I need to stop going at 8am on Sunday mornings.

It’s not that I’m not a morning person. I am, in fact, and perhaps a few of the other dozen or so congregants at these early services love mornings as much as me. The fact that we’re all in a pew when most sane people are still brewing their first cup of coffee is in itself a testimony to the fact that we’re all larks.

But we’re not there to socialize. The service ends as abruptly as it begins, marked by the exit of the priest and, if the Father is feeling generous, a weak handshake on the way out the door.

I don’t talk to the others who are present. Instead, I find the nearest open coffee shop. And the fact that they’re all up so early indicates that they’ve got places to be as well.

So we scatter.*

I’d like to have a community to interact with in worship, though. I’d rather say hello, at least, before shaking hands farewell.

This week at Bible study, which didn’t really happen because there were only three of us, we spent a good chunk of time on our smart phones looking for Sunday services that would work around my wacky work schedule.

We learned three things:

  • Few churches have mobile-friendly websites.
  • A surprising number of churches make it incredibly difficult to find Sunday service times on their websites.
  • There’s a Sunday 6pm service near my neighbourhood.  I’m going there this week.


* though it seems to be, this is not an awkward and inappropriate reference to the reactions of Jesus’ disciples to his death.


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