now reading: The Sabbath World

sabbath world shulevitzThis was on my reading list for the last age-and-a-half; it was quick to go on my list of requested books as soon as I got a new library card.

And it’s fitting, as I am being intentional about going to church, that I think more seriously about the meaning of Sabbath.  What’s the point of setting one day apart?  What is the point of ritual, of rest, and of communal activity on the seventh day?  Is it in fact in the spirit of “sabbath” to count off only days for resting?

I’m just at chapter two.  Thus far, I’ve had my mind blown by ideas like the social morality of time, the role of sabbath in cultivating civil society, and the use of summercamp as a tool for psychological manipulation.  I always knew there was something sinister about camp counsellors who insisted on being called “Toucan” or “Frisk”.

The Author: Judith Shulevitz
The Book: The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time


What do you think, eh?

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