Church is better with friends.

ilha_againCan anyone explain why a quiet evening of movie watching can leave me exhausted the next morning?

Because when I woke up today, I was anything but ready to climb on my bike and head to church.

I lay with my eyes closed for awhile, weighing the options.  I promised friends from bible study that I’d see them at their church, but it’s 85 blocks north and I’ll need to sprint from there to work as soon as the service is finished.  Or, I could bike ten minutes to the service that’s close by, and then have plenty of time for a detour to Ikea enroute to a punctual arrival at work.

Somehow I mustered up the courage for the trek uptown.

And I was surprised, in fact, to share a pew with more friends than I expected.  But my greater surprise was at how good it felt to sit in church with people I know.

I don’t know them that well.  They’re probably not even the kind of friends to whom I would admit how much ice cream I ate yesterday evening while watching a movie by myself.  But they’re people I know, people I’ve made cheesy bible study jokes with, people I’ve passionately debated the sovereignty of God amongst.

Sitting between them, watching them take sermon notes on their bulletins, listening to them sing the hymns, I felt like I was part of something.  Like I was in a place that I should be in.

So here’s number two on my list of things that matter at church: It’s nice to have church with friends.


What do you think, eh?

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