i am making a list

ilha3It’s Sunday.

I went to church.

Today was a pleasant surprise: I was wary of the church I was going to, expecting a huge and machine-like organism breathing technology and efficiency and too many happy people.

It was small.  It was quiet, and friendly, and intimate.  People came up to me before the service and chatted.  Sure, I was there as a guest of a friend, but he hadn’t arrived yet when I did.  And he didn’t play host, but allowed other members of the congregation to make me feel welcome.  It was nice.  I might, unexpectedly, go back.  I might not.  Either way, it’s all going to be fine.

I didn’t agree with some of what the minister said.  I didn’t totally love the way the song leader belted out the words with the vibrato of a try-too-hard opera singer.  But I’m learning to come to grips with not loving everything about any church, and I’m figuring out the things that are most important.

That’s what this whole thing is about, right?  Figuring out what church is.  So far, church for me is:

  • Praying with other people.
  • Being in a time and place that is designated as an event that is conscious of God.
  • Being intellectually challenged about what I believe.
  • Sorting out what the functional body of Christ might look like.

I feel like I need to intentionally continue to add to and revise this list.


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