something I’m reading at the moment:

Orthodox Heretic coverThe Orthodox Heretic, by Peter Rollins

Published by Paraclete Press.

It’s freaking brilliant.

I like The Orthodox Heretic because the stories are surprisingly simple and hard-hitting.  I’ll be reading along and thinking, “where is he going with this?”  And then – wham! – something I didn’t expect that completely flips the way I think of myself and how I live out my faith.

Or I’ll feel really clever because I actually spot the twist ahead of time, but I’m still thinking, “no he won’t; surely not…”  And then yup, there it is: that moment of blinding insight that leaves you looking at the floor because it shines a light on the part of your life you hoped no one would see.

As I keep reading this book, I hope The Orthodox Heretic will help me honestly evaluate why I think it’s worth being a practicing Christian, why I think that the body of Christ is worth belonging to, and how church plays a role in that.

Relevant magazine says this this book “offers readers a chance to live beyond the head-nod-to a-great-sermon-kind of life.” (read it here).

It’s true.

And what Rollins says on his website is even more accurate.  He describes the book as “parables that demonstrate how radical faith has never been concerned with escaping the world we inhabit but rather with engaging in it more fully.” (read more of that here)

You could buy it on Amazon, if you swing that way.

I got my copy from the local public library.


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