Twice is Nice

Today I managed to NOT get the same job for the second time in less than a week.  True story.

Also, I went back to a church for the second time in a row.  Whaaa?

Because the sermon, as advertised, sounded like it was going to be great.  Who would’ve ever guessed that I would pick an Episcopalian church for the preaching.

(wait.  It has happened before. anyway.)

I went back because I remembered the priest saying something last Sunday about his upcoming sermon, and I remember thinking: that sounds really interesting – I could be vaguely tempted to return for that.

And then of course I completely forgot what the topic was supposed to be.

I’m glad I trusted my judgment, though, because it was a good sermon: the beginning of a four-week series on being sacramental people.  And I’ve no clue how the preaching will expand beyond what was said today, but I trust it will because the priest doesn’t seem like the kind who repeats himself.

Today’s message: that the sacraments – these physical signs of our commitment to being God’s people, and his commitment to being our God – are a tangible reminder that God is with us and does not give up on us, even when we are in our darkest places.

I like hearing that.  I’m not in a super dark and ugly place, but things have been better.  This is what I needed right now.

Somehow it reinforces the hope shining through the cracks in my favourite new tune:

(Oh wait, but now this might be my new favourite thing.  Ooooh….)


What do you think, eh?

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